Thursday, December 31, 2015

Getting ready for 2016

As I sat down to write my goals for 2016 I reflected back on what I have accomplished this year.  I didn't cross everything off of my list but I'm happy with what I did accomplish.  I enjoyed a few things so much they are back on the list for the new year.  Here is what I completed this year.

1.  I read 43 books.  If you would like to see what I read you can check out my pinterest board:  HERE

2.  I finished 7 craft projects.  One was cute bow ties for my guys to wear at Easter. 

3.  I am exercising 5 days a week.

4.  We tried a new recipe each month.  One of our favorites was this pound cake!

5.  I did two things that scared me.  I spoke at a Girls Retreat and I spoke at our monthly homeschooling meeting.  Can you tell I don't like public speaking?

6.  Trevor & I took an anniversary trip.  We left the kids with my parents and were gone a few days.  It was a great break for both of us.  It was so good for our marriage.

7.  We had 18 families over for dinner. You can read more about that here-  Who's coming for dinner?

8.  We took a family vacation to see my brother in Houston.  Trip to see Kevin

9.  I spent one/one time with each of the kids this year.

Here are my goals for 2016:

Read 60 books
Finish 6 craft projects
Walk/run a 5K
Try a new recipe once a month
Do something that scares me
Send a note/card to a friend once a week

Date night once a month
Read 6 books together
Take an anniversary trip without our kids
Remodel our bedroom
Write Trevor a note once a month

Take a family vacation
Have a family over for dinner at least once a month
Take each child on a date
Read or listen to one book a month

I have fallen in love with goal writing over the last several years.  I would love to hear what your plans are for the new year.   Feel free to hold me accountable during the year to see how I'm progressing on my goals! 

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  1. You can read about my "goals" here on my blog. Maybe you can give me some pointers! :) I enjoy reading your goals. Sorry and sad we never made it for a meal w/ you guys.


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1 Corinthians 10:31