Monday, March 16, 2015

Winter Fun List: Visit Uncle Kevin

We crossed another thing of our winter family fun list last week.  We took a family vacation to visit my brother in Houston.  I'll write a post about how we all survived the car ride later.  Here are a few pictures of the trip.  I promise Kevin was with us - for some reason I ended up without very many pictures of him!

The family at NASA

Everyone was really intrigued with the pendulum. 
We may try to make our own at home as a science project.

Asher LOVED the dinosaurs.  I think I took his picture in front of every display. 
He kept telling me to take pictures to show JoJo!

This is how Eliana spent most of the trip.  Once we print out her pictures you will be able to see everything we saw on vacation!

This was our last stop in Houston - the city aquarium.  The kids have never been to an aquarium before.  It is really small and if we had to do it again we wouldn't have gone.  It rained or was over cast the entire time we were gone.  We tried to do as many things indoor as possible!

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