Thursday, May 18, 2017

Money Challenge Week # 2

I was sure this week would be more difficult.   The snack cabinet is getting pretty low.  My dad did send the kids home with cereal this week so they are happy.  We made our weekly trip to Aldi's and I was so excited at check out.  Our total was $9.02.  I forgot our bags and had to buy one.  I didn't realize till I started bagging that I had grabbed 2.  Whoops - .10 wasted!

We had to eat out again on Sunday.  Having soccer games at 1:00 is making it difficult to eat at home.  There is just not enough time between church and soccer. 

I normally buy our toilet paper at Sam's.  Of course we ran out of our large stash last week.  I am learning our family uses too much toilet paper.  I had to make a trip to Walmart again for toilet paper and laundry detergent. 

That brings our weekly total to $17.96  Still under our $25 limit for the week.

Here is my meal plan:

B:  Cereal
L: Mother's Day - eating out
D:  Family cookout

B:  Granola bars and yogurt
L:  Pack a lunch for the park
D:  Hamburgers and potatoes in foil packs on the grill

B:  Banana bread and fresh fruit
L:  Hotdogs, mac & cheese and carrots
D:  Hamburger helper

B:   Pancakes
L:  PBJ, chips and applesauce
D:  Mexican lasagna

B: Eggs and toast
L: Macaroni and ham casserole
D: Sandwiches, chips, fresh veggies

B: Muffins
L: Toasted cheese, pasta salad
D: Cookout - hotdogs & brats, chips,  baked beans

B: Cereal
L:  Stir fry
D: Pork chops, rolls, green beans

May Money Challenge
Week # 1

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