Saturday, June 3, 2017

May Money Challenge Week # 3

Well, this week was a complete failure.  The week started with Mothers Day.  I had a large homeschool event I was in charge of on Monday morning,  bad planning on my part.  After our Mothers Day events I had to gather everything for my event the next morning.   At around 10:00 pm I realized we had never gone to the store.  We had nothing in the house to make a sack lunch.   A stop at Walmart to pick up lunch supplies was how the week started.

We had a really bad day on Wednesday.  We were also in town until 5:30 for Lego my library.  I had no desire to go home and make dinner.  We picked up Little Ceasers on our way home.

We then ran out of toilet paper and dog food this week.  Trip # 2 to Walmart!

I had planned on using a gift card for County Market to pick up the cheese in the penny pinchers.  Since we had already blown the $25 for the week, I went ahead and picked  up the rest of the stock pile stuff that we will use in the penny pincher. 

This weeks grand total spent was $95.10.  Still less than a weekly grocery trip and eating out once, but way over our $25 limit for the week.

Next week is week #4.   I'm hoping to finish this challenge strong!

Weekly Meal Plan:

B - Eggs
L - Pack lunch for playdate
D - Baked potatoes

B- Pancakes
L - Pot pies
D - BBQ meatballs, corn, pasta salad and green beans

B - English muffins
L - Leftovers
D - Clean out fridge of fried food

B -  French toast
L - PBJ, fresh veggies and chips
D - Stir fry

B- McDonalds
L - Out - probably Sam's Club
D - Hotdogs & brats, pasta salad & chips

B - Cereal
L - Sandwiches
D - Family wedding

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