Monday, January 2, 2017

40 Things - 2017 Goals

I turn the big 40 this year.  Because of that I decided to change up my yearly goal setting.  Rather than set up goals based on subjects like I have in the past, I made a list of 40 things to do this year.  I'm rather excited about turning 40.  Had you told me that years ago I would have laughed at you.  I see how much my life has changed in the last 10 years and can't wait to see what the next 10 hold.  I'm sure you have heard the quote, "Do not complain about growing old.  It is a privilege denied to many."   Since Bryan's death I have looked at growing old completely differently.  So here's to 2017!  Let's see what awesome things my 40th year brings! 

40 Things to do in 2017

1. Read aloud 12 chapter books to the kids
2.  Start a gratitude journal
3. Set weekly goals
4. Research what it would take to finish my degree
5.  Figure out what my spiritual gifts are and use them
6.  Try sushi
7.  Spend a whole day at the library reading
8.  Plant a new vegetable in the garden and eat it
9.  Enjoy life rather than just surviving it
10.  Find a good foundation and skin care routine  (something I should have done in my 20's)
11.  Volunteer regularly as a family
12.  Do something big for someone else
13.  Go on a date with Trevor once a month
14.  Spend more time with friends
15.  Host a fancy dinner party - I'm talking suits and dresses!
16.  Write a note to a friend each week
17.  Finish couch to 5k and run a 5k
18.  Have 12 different families over for dinner
19.  Take a 40th birthday trip
20.  Write a blog post each week
21.  Do something that scares me
22. Take a girl's weekend away
23.  Say no to people
24.  Paint a landscape scene
25.  Work on my hand lettering
26.  Find a wine I like
27.  Go down the toboggan in Indiana
28.  Read 40 books
29.  Get a mammogram
30.  Cook through my 1950's Betty Crocker Cook Book
31.  Laugh more
32.  Take a month off from electronics
33.  Sing at church more
34.  Say yes to my kids
35.  Get my hair done regularly
36.  Read through the entire bible
37.  Put down a new kitchen floor
38.  Go camping somewhere new
39.  Organize my pictures and print them out each month
40.  Travel somewhere new

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1 Corinthians 10:31