Sunday, January 1, 2017

Top 5 Books of 2016

This was not my best year for reading.  I've only read 40 books.  As I looked back over the years 40 seems to be about my average.  I still haven't met the goal to read 60, maybe that will happen in 2017.  As I looked at my list I realized I didn't read much fiction this year and the fiction I read I didn't really enjoy.  So sorry fiction friends my top 5 are all non-fiction, but I promise they are good!

#1  The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd.  For me this book was a life changer.  I wrote a blog post about it back in July you can read it HERE

#2 Help Me, Jesus I Have Nothing to Wear  by Shari Braedel
Lots of this book reminded me of the Color Me Beautiful book I read in Junior High.   I really liked that she talked about skin care, hair color, and clothing in the book.  It is all written from a Christian perspective.  If you don't enjoy fashion it may not be for you.  I'm still struggling to figure out my style and I found the book extremely helpful.

#3  The Astronauts Wives Club  by Lily Koppel
This book is written about the wives of the first astronauts.  Their families were really the first reality tv stars.  Since the space age was before I was born, I learned a lot about the 60's while reading the book.  I love to hear historical perspectives from women.  These ladies stayed at home raising their families and supporting each other while their husbands were gone training or traveling to space.  They were part of a brand new program and doing it all in front of a camera.  It was a fun read but left me thinking less of our first astronauts. 

#4  Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington
This book made me laugh and cry.  Alli shares her life as a working mom and what she has learned about being busy.  I've gotten much better at saying no but still over-schedule my time.  She helped me to look at what God wants me to be busy doing.  Saying no to things allows me to say yes to better things.  It is ok to slow down.  She also gives great tips on time management. 

#5 Listen Love Repeat by Karen Ehman
I was on the launch team for this book.  I was given a copy of the book to give my honest opinion of the book.  I had never read anything my Karen before.  My cousin had sent me the link to the launch team because she enjoyed her and thought I might too.  I loved this book.  If you are looking for ways to love those around you - this book is full of ideas.  Karen shares stories from her own life on how she loves on those around her.  There is even a chapter on loving the unlovable.  I gained so much wisdom from this book.  I can't wait start repeating what I have learned! 

What did you read this year?  Are their any books that stuck with you and you are adding to your personal library?  Here's what I'm planning to read in 2017! 2017 Book List

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