Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 Goals - Follow up

It's June - which means we are almost 1/2 way through the year.   I decided it was time to check out my goal list for the year and see how I was doing.  For the most part I'm really on tract with everything except reading.  How did that happen?  So far this year I have only read 15 books.  I should be closer to 30.  Since I've been doing such a better job of exercising it has taken up my normal reading time.  I've committed to reading 10 books this month.  I've got a few extra hours each week where I'm going to be sitting around waiting on Eliana.  Hoping to spend that time with my nose in a book!

I'm also back to writing weekly goals.   Our plan for the summer is to have no plan.  Which sounds great until I get nothing done.  We are three weeks into break and I haven't accomplished much.  That stops this week with a plan!  

This is the simple tool I'm using.  I just use post it notes in the squares.  When I finish what is on one of the post its I just replace it with a new note.  Since I'm a list making, visual learner this is a great tool for me.  

All of my post notes this week will have the same theme - price stuff for the garage sale, purge the kitchen for the garage sale, organize stuff for the garage sale!  

Do you have summer projects you are working on?  How do you manage to have a relaxing but productive summer?  I love to learn new ways to make my goals happen.  Feel free to share any tricks that have worked for you!

If you've read a great book lately pass it along. 

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