Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Story!

In chapter 3 Jill talks about each of us having our own story.  When we meet people we can easily judge them based on only part of their story.   She encouraged us to share our story.  Here is mine.

I am the only girl in my family with 3 younger brothers.  I fit a first born personality to a T.  My brother that is 2 years younger than me was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 4.  I became his mother hen and over protective big sister.  Due to complications with his diabetes he died two weeks before this 30th birthday.   My family has lived in the same area for over 100 years.  I have lived within a 10 mile radius my entire life, except the month we spent in Mexico!  We currently live in the house my grandfather built and my dad grew up in. 

My husband and I meet at a youth group lock-in in high school.  Well, I was in high school and he was in junior high.  We dated for 2 years then broke up for 2 years.  We got back together shortly after he graduated from high school.   We were engaged for a year and a half, while he attended Moody Bible College and I stayed home at EIU.   We will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary this year.

Since before we were married we had been involved in high school youth ministry.   I led high school bible studies while I was in college.  We both volunteered at The Hangout (a teen ministry) while in college.   We spent over 10 years leading weekly bible studies and teaching youth group at our church. 

Our first child was born 4 years after we were married.  Eliana Noel arrived on a Wednesday evening in December.   We had always wanted a large family.  It took us 4 years to get pregnant and I wasn't getting any younger.  I prayed for 18 months that we would have fraternal twin boys!   God answered that prayer in 2007 when we found out Jeremiah & Josiah would be arriving in December!   Asher Jude surprised us with his arrival 2 years later!

I am currently a homeschooling mama.   The plan is to graduate all 4 from home.  I have no idea what else God has in store for my life.  But he promises to be with me every step of the way!

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