Friday, March 11, 2016

For Real: TGIF

Here is a look into our week!

Jeremiah is finally reading, but he hates it.  He yells at me every day about how no one else in our house has to read as much as him!  His program requires  reading 20 minutes a day!  I wish some one would force me to read 20 minutes everyday with no distractions.

The weeks between Bryan's death (March 5th) and is birthday (March 17th) I'm an emotional mess.  I cried all the way to co-op Monday and all the way home!  Is it April yet?

Our nephew is getting married tommorow.  I have spent to much time stressing out about what everyone in our family will wear.  Everyone will be wearing their outfits tomorrow and Easter and our niece's wedding in June!  Mama wants to make sure she's getting her money's worth.

I let the boys make ramen noodles for breakfast!

We haven't started school once this week before 10 o'clock. 

This is how my students dressed for school today!


What is a for real about your day?

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