Friday, August 21, 2015

School Goals 2015/2016

I have several people ask why I set school goals each year.  Here is why - It is a good way to measure if we accomplished everything we wanted to during the school year.  Yes - we have curriculum that we tend to finish, but not everything we want our children to learn is found in a text book.  Keeping that in mind I set school goals for myself this year.  Here are our current goals:


Pray daily for missionaries
Memorize one hymn & scripture a month
Learn National Anthem
Find a family service project to do twice this year!


Finish Math  6
Write 2 Book Reports
Give 2 oral reports this year
Write 3 research papers
Memorize the Gettysburg address
Learn all state capitals


Finish Phonics 2
Be able to read silently and independently
Master addition and subtraction
Memorize and write address, phone number and birthday
Understand a basic concept of money
Write weekly journal entries


Master Reading
Master addition and subtraction
Memorize address, phone number and birthdate
Know all 50 sight words


Master letters
Master phonic sounds
Master numbers 1-100
Learn Address, phone number and birthday


Be flexible
Pray daily for our homeschool
Plan one ECIHEN event a month
Plan one teacher institute day a month

If you would like to know what curricula we are using this year - you can read about it in this POST

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