Sunday, August 16, 2015

Curriculum 2015/2016

Here is the curriculum we will be using this year!


Mystery of History II
Christian Kids Explore Biology
Eat Your Way Around the World

Eliana - 5th Grade:

A Reason for Handwriting D
Daily Mind Builders Language Arts
Writing with Skill Level I
First Language Lesson Level 4
Horizons Health
Teaching Textbooks Math 6
Ace Bible
Mind Benders Level 4

Asher - K4:

Horizons Phonics
Saxon Math

Josiah - 2nd Grade:

Horizons Phonics
First Language Lessons 2
Saxon Math 2
A Reason for Handwriting A
Draw - Write - Now

Jeremiah - 1st/2nd Grade:

Right Brain Phonics Program
Draw - Write - Now
Horizons Math 1
A Reason for Handwriting A
Brain Integration Therapy
First Language Lessons 2


  1. Looks like a great year! I've seen it before and probably said it before, lol, but I LOVE the family pic on your blog! Precious!

  2. u r incredibly organized. Its inspiring. Guess what I'm doing this week?


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