Tuesday, August 11, 2015

For Real: Not a Normal Monday

Trevor is currently digging holes in our back yard.  We are having plumbing problems.  Which also means I washed our dishes today in tubs - in the sink and dumbed them out every few minutes.

Trevor is normally off on Monday's.  He had to work today. We had planned on going to Holiday World.  Instead of just doing something fun with the kids.  I have pouted like a toddler all day!

My dad called to get a slaughter appointment for the hogs.  They are booked until the end of October.  That is two months longer than I budgeted to feed them.  Plus they will be larger and cost more to butcher.

I threw out 3 boxes of cereal this morning that were covered in ants.  One was  a full box of cereal, that had only been opened a few days ago.  My children can't seem to figure out how to close the boxes back up. 

We have done very little this summer. I have not accomplished one thing on my project list.  As I sit here, I'm wondering what have I done all summer? 

School starts in two weeks - I am not even close to being ready!

I wrote a post today about how my attitude sucks lately.  I deleted it and probably won't rewrite it!  Even by reading this post you can see what I mean.

I hope every one else is having a better Monday than me!


  1. Aww chin up Bethany. I do not "know" you other than your blog & fb, but I really admire you and how you live life. Tomorrow will be better! Hmm, consider putting cereal in containers if kiddos can seal them.

  2. Life is hard. Being a mom is hard. Being a homeschool momma is hard. God created u, like no other human on the face on the earth! He loves u right where u r at...doing dishes in the tub. He loves you even when your attitude is bad. Its ok if the whole week doesn't get better...he is still loving you and carrying you!


Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31