Thursday, May 7, 2015

April/May Goals 2015

I wish I had great news for you that April was so much better than March.  Alas, it wasn't!  I have figured out the problem with my productivity - I haven't gotten up early in weeks!  Since getting up early had become a way of life last year,  I had completely forgotten how much I actually accomplish before everyone is out of bed.  The last couple of months have shown me it is time to get my lazy self out of bed again.   Starting this week the alarm is going off early.  I have managed to get up once.  Every day is a new day and for that I am thankful.  Here is what I did accomplish in April and what I hope to accomplish in May!

APRIL 2015

I finished week one of Couch to 5K
We had 3 families over for dinner.  One was a spontaneous cookout that we planned that morning.
I read 3 books.
We tried 2 new recipes.

May 2015

Finish School
Continue with Couch to 5K and sign up for a race in September
Try 2 new recipes
Clean out the clutter
Finish one craft project
Have 1 family over for dinner
Read 6 books
Schedule our anniversary trip

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