Friday, May 1, 2015

20 Days Clutter Free

The kids have been doing a really good job of helping me keep the house picked up.  I haven't been doing a great job of tackling our clutter.  I realized how bad it had gotten when our friend came over this week to spray for bugs.  He was in every room of our house.  There was no way to hide the mess!   There are so many unorganized spots in my house.  It was embarrassing.  So I decided May would be the month I kill the clutter!  I'll be posting my before and after pictures each evening of my clutter project. I'll be working on one project a day during the week.  That will give me the weekends to catch up if I don't get a project finished in one day.

 Here is my plan if you would like to join me!

Day #1 - Microwave cabinet
Day #2 - Fridge
Day #3 - Top of Fridge
Day #4 - Pantry Cabinet
Day #5 - Junk Drawer
Day #6 - Computer Desk
Day #7 - Linen/Craft Cabinet
Day #8 - School Desk
Day #9 - School Cabinet
Day #10 - School Closet
Day #11 - Book Shelves
Day #12 - Trevor's Dresser
Day #13 - My vanity
Day #14 - Our Closet
Day #15 - Vanity in spare bathroom
Day #16 - Boys Dressers
Day #17 - Boys Closet
Day #18 - Boys Toys
Day #19 - Eliana's Dresser
Day #20 - Eliana's Closet

If you want to see how messy my house really is - check out the blog daily this month!  I'm only going to post today's project to facebook!

 Here is today's project!



If you can't tell from the picture, I'm a stacker.  Instead of putting things away I tend to stack.  You will notice that common tread as I clean up the clutter this month.  How do you attack the clutter at your house?  Are you a stacker too? 

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