Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100 Days Celebration!

For the past several years I have seen everyone posting on Facebook about their kids celebrating the 100th day of school.   It looked like so much fun.  Last year I had plans to celebrate with the kids.  I had a whole list of fun stuff we would do.  Then life happened, I just couldn't justify taking a day off to count to 100 in a bunch of different ways.  So the idea was scrapped and I said maybe next year.   Over Christmas break I planned out the next several weeks of school.  I blocked off a whole day in my planner for our 100 day celebration.   3 of the 4 children had a fun day.   I'm not sure if we will celebrate it again or not.  Here are a few pictures of our activities:

Making strips for our 100 day hats

Eliana with her hat & treats!

Treats for being 100 days smarter!

Asher working on his necklace.
Jeremiah counting to 100

3 Big kids with necklaces.  Asher never made it to 100.  He kept eating his cereal.

Twins with their hats of 100 things and treat bags!

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