Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Tradition #1

I had planned on sharing once a week this month about a few of our family's Christmas traditions.  Here it is almost the 3rd week of December and I haven't shared one thing.   Hopefully I can get caught up this weekend.   Our first tradition is going to pick out a real tree.  Trevor hates this tradition but it is by far one of my favorites.    When I was child we always had a real tree.   The house doesn't smell like Christmas without it.  The few years we didn't have a tree at all were really difficult for me,  but that is another post altogether.  We have been going to the same tree farm the last few years.   If you are local check out Hagar Tree Farm.   This year Jeremiah really wanted to cut the tree down himself.  Trevor told him he could next year, I'm sure we won't forget that.  Here are a few pictures of our afternoon!

Jeremiah was not happy he got out-voted
Checking to make sure the trunk is straight!
This was Jeremiah's favorite

Trevor is very cautious when he ties the tree to the top of the van.  One year on the way home the tree fell off the top.  The kids remind him of this every year as we drive home.  It is one funny story they will hopefully remember for a lifetime. 

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