Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Tradition # 2 - New Ornaments

Yes - he is missing his nose.  It won't stay glued on anymore.

This is Rudolph!  He is not the prettiest or most expensive ornament on my tree but he is my favorite.  Not because he is Rudolph but because of the story behind him.  When we were children my Grandma Lee would load all of us grandkids and our mothers into her motor home.  We would either travel to Prairie Gardens or The Apple House.  Our sole mission - find this year's Christmas ornament!   She gave us each an amount of money and we were to pick an ornament to buy.  I think the amount was $1 or $2.  One year I really wanted Rudolph.  He was more than we were allowed to spend so I had to pick something else.  I don't remember what ornament I came home with.  Fast forward to Christmas morning - Rudolph was in my stocking!  The first thing I told my Grandma that morning was about the ornament.  I would have probably forgotten all about that story, but my Grandma asks me every year if Rudolph is still on the tree.  She loves that story!  I love the memories I have with my Grandma, cousins, and Aunts on that yearly trip.  Once we entered high school the trips stopped but my grandma still bought us an ornament every year for our trees.  She now gives my kids one at Christmas.   My tree is filled with lots of memories as I unwrap the ornaments.  We have started the tradition of giving our kids an ornament in their stocking each year that represents something they are into that year.  This year Eliana is getting a black lab, Jeremiah is getting a Ninja Turtle,  Josiah is getting a soccer ball & Asher is getting a really cute Captain America Santa.  My hope is that when my kids leave home they will have a box of memories to take to their new homes and relive parts of their childhood each Christmas!

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  1. We do something similar in our family, too! And, when I moved out and started my own family, my mom gave me my box of ornaments, including the handmade ones that I made in school.


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