Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let's Get Real

I originally wrote this post late last night.  I got up this morning and read it and decided it was a little too raw to share.   I'm trying really hard to not have a complaining attitude and let's just say that the original post was not in line with that.  I still wanted to share a little about what is REALLY happening at our house this week!  

After a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving, getting back into a school routine is a little rough.  This week there will be no routine.   A friend asked me yesterday at our Christmas craft day, "How do we get school done on days like this?"  The simple answer is that we don't.  Since I planned the craft day we did absolutely no book work yesterday.  Our entire school day was preparing, creating and cleaning up crafts!   This week I have over-planned a little and we will be out of the house 3 days.  Rather than stress myself out about getting all our work done, I just planned to do less this week.  We will get Math, Phonics, History, and Bible finished this week but we won't be doing them every day.  The rest of the subjects can wait until next week!  It leaves time in our schedule to do some fun things in the afternoon the two days this week we are home.  The kids worked on melting beads for hours!

When I first started home schooling I thought our days had to look exactly like a public school.  I quickly learned that is never going to happen.  A few years ago having a week were we didn't do science would have sent me over the edge.   I've learned to relax over the years.  I have also learned that we will finish everything it just may not fit into a 9 month schedule!   Homeschooling has taught me to be flexible, something I'm still not very good at but I am improving.  

That is a glimpse into our week.  How does your week look?  How does your family transition from Thanksgiving break back into your normal routine?  I would love to hear how things work at your house.


  1. Thanks for being real. Since we started the adoption process and now are hosting, there has been ZERO routine. Nan can roll with it. JoJo on the other hand gets even more squirmy and silly....I didn't think that was possible. I laid in bed this morning praying about sending her to preschool so she can use her energy up on other people....

  2. Laura...I have sent both of the boys to "preschool" (project help)....Silas kinda "had" to go for speech therapy and when an opening came up for Kenenisa...I jumped on it. It kinda goes against the homeschool mentality, but for me it was really a GOD SEND! We can get so much done in the two hours they are at PH. No guilt, no shame! Bethany are these Perler wax things? My kids LOVE them, we really should get together!


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