Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 Follow Up

Considering we had a snow storm at the beginning of the month that left us without power and our family was then hit with the flu this week, I feel fortunate that  I  still accomplished most of the things on my list.  A few things have been moved to February, but I feel really good about what I got done. 

1.  Make a Mom Binder:  I did make it!  I haven't blogged about it yet - but I promise I will!
2.  Tear the rest of the wallpaper down in the kitchen:  I finished one wall.

3.  Organize & clean out the linen/craft closet.

4.  Read 5 books.  I read 8 books this month.

5.  Continue with the Read the Bible in a year.   I did every day till this week.  I'm a little behind, but plan to catch up this weekend. 

6.  Exercise 3 times a week.  Lost 4 pounds

7.  Wash the items on top of the kitchen cabinets. Washed everything but the tea pots.

8.  Have a date with Trevor.  This was our plan for Thursday night - then we both got the flu:(

9.  Add a family game night once a week.  We did game night one week.

10.  Make homemade Krispy Cremes. Didn't happen

11.  Make a grey felt flower.  Walmart has no grey felt.  I was sure I would make it to a craft store this month, that didn't happen either.

12.  New Recipe to try:  White Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas.   We tried them but like our regular recipe better.

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