Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What do you do all day?

I still remember being asked this question at Walmart by a single friend of mine.  Eliana was 3 and the twins were still babies.  I don't remember exactly what I said in my sleep deprived state, but something sarcastic about watching soap operas and eating bon bons.    I  still think she thought I was telling the truth.  Those days of others wondering what I do is long behind me.  Now that I home school the 2nd  most asked question I get is,  "How do you do it all?"   The simple answer is I don't.  Most days you will find my house messy, dirty dishes in the sink & laundry washed but still sitting in a clothes basket.   School is our main priority so other things almost always get pushed aside.  I decided to show you exactly what a day around here looks like. Picking today was probably not the best idea.  We are out of the house on Tuesday so things are really crazy.  But here is a glimpse into my crazy life.  Times are not exact - I tried to remember to the best of my ability what today looked like.

5:30am - Rise and shine
5:45am - Devotions, read newspaper & read a couple chapters of my current book -  This week No More Meltdowns by Jed Baker
6:15 - Make Trevor breakfast and pack his lunch
6:30 - Check email, facebook, and ECIHEN stuff
6:45 - Start making breakfast for the kids - today apple sauce muffins- throw in a load of laundry
7:45 - Kids up - while they are eating I do the following:  Unload dishwasher, swap laundry, sweep kitchen floor
8:30 - Start school -  Calendar, weather, pledge, pray, Eliana reads a book aloud to boys
8:45 - I do school with the twins.  Eliana does her independent work - today health, handwriting & reading her book for her book report
10:00 - Boys done with school.  I work with Eliana; we did math, writing, language & spelling
11:15 - Start lunch
11:45 - Eat lunch while getting ready to leave the house
12:20 - Leave the house
12:40 - Drop Josiah off at speech
1:00 - Drop Eliana off at art
1:20 - Pick Josiah up from speech
1:25 - Hangout at library while Eliana is at art and book club
3:10- Leave library
3:30 - Arrive home, stand in driveway and talk to my grandma and the guy delivering our propane.  Sweep living room floor
4:00 - Start cooking dinner - Eat dinner
5:30 - Check email, facebook, and ECIHEN stuff
6:00 - Start history project with Eliana
7:00 - Family TV night
8:00 - Put boys to bed & fold laundry while I watch TV
9:00 - Read more of my book & blog
10:00 Go to bed

If you would like to see what a day looks like around here when it  doesn't go as planned, you can check out THIS POST I wrote last spring.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! It is great to see your example of a balanced school day. There is a great balance of both classroom work and various interactive, educational activities.


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