Friday, February 17, 2012

Seeds Glorious Seeds!

Normally this time of year I am itching for spring.  Since Illinois has had such a mild winter I haven't had my usual longing for spring. It is always right after the first of the year that I start this task.   I decided last night would be a good time to start my favorite winter time activity!

Yes - looking through the seed catalogs and planning my summer garden is something I look forward to.  Every year we pick something new to try.  Last year we planted okra.  It did wonderfully and we had tons of it.  It was like picking insulation.  The stems all have small thorns that we didn't see until after the first picking.  No one in our family loved eating it.  We decided this year we will just eat the extras my parents have.

This year we decided to let the kids each pick some thing new to plant.  We haven't decided on our vegetable yet, but we will be starting on blueberry bushes this year.

Last year we bought the bulk of our seeds from Abundant Life Seeds & Bountiful Gardens. Both are sustainably grown and carry heirloom varieties.

We would love to know what you are going to plant this year.  We would love to know your favorite places to purchase your plants and seeds.  Once we have our seeds ordered we will let you know what will hopefully be growing in our garden this summer!

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