Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday - UGH

My day began early in the morning with Jeremiah waking me up to tell me he was sick.  All I had to do was smell him to know what that meant.  I put him in the bath tub then began cleaning up the bed.  As soon as Jeremiah got out of the tub I heard crying again.  Back into the bath tub he went & I cleaned up the floor.  By this time everyone is up.  No one else appears to be sick.  We have breakfast then begin school.  In the middle of a math lesson I smell fingernail polish.   I run to the boys bedroom to find them in Eliana's makeup.  I now have purple heat registers and Asher looks like this! 

I didn't want to put fingernail polish remover on Asher's face so he spent the rest of the day with a purple mustache.  We have lunch and I let the kids watch a movie.  While I am cleaning the kitchen (the only thing I wanted to get done yesterday),  I smell fire!   Since we live in an old house that my grandfather wired,  I am paranoid about electrical fires.  I began smelling walls and touching every outlet in the living room.  It doesn't smell like an electrical fire.  As I get to the boys room it smells like matches!  I ask the usual suspects who are all on the couch still watching a movie.  Of course all deny it but Jeremiah looks guilty.  He then tells me where the matches are, in his room on the window ledge.  Nothing appears to be burned and he has no burn marks on him.  I then give him a long, loud lecture about how we don't play with matches explaining how he could have gotten hurt or worse.  Pretty sure all he heard was moms mad and tuned me out.  By this time Trev is getting close to getting off work and I need to start thinking about dinner.  The boys ask to play with their Leapsters.  Yes- anything to keep them busy at this point.  I have learned that when things are quiet at our house it is not a good sign.  I heard no on in the living room but I heard running water.  I proceed to check out what is up.  Josiah is in the bath room with his leapster running it under the water.  I have no idea how long he had been doing it but water is still seeping out of the leapster this morning.  Pretty sure it is ruined.  Now I start dinner.  Since Eliana had Girl Scouts and Trevor had b-ball  on Valentine's day we were having a nice diner last night.  Eliana was helping by making the tea.  While she was getting the sugar out of the canister this happened.

No, she didn't drop it on the floor.  She was hitting  the side with a spoon trying to get the sugar out.  I now think she has super human strength.  I have no idea how she broke it!  I cleaned up the broken glass and calmed her down!  Dinner was late but tasty!  We then enjoyed the last hour before bedtime listening to Rich Mullins and watching the kids play with balloons.  I had no idea they could spend an hour playing with balloons.   It is 8:00 and bed time.

At 10:30 while I'm unloading the dishwasher I hear Jeremiah crying.  I yell at Trev because he is closer!  Jeremiah then emerges from his room sobbing and sick.  Straight to the tub I take him while Trev handles the bed!   A bath, new jammies and cleaning the mattress and floor are not what I planned on doing at 11pm!  Jeremiah slept with his brother and I planned on being up all night.

Luckily I can tell you - I got to sleep all night.  Jeremiah seems to be better this morning.  I wish I could tell you this is an abnormal day.  But it is not!  Every day may not look exactly the same but I never know what the kids are going to think of next!

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  1. 1) I'm glad you got some sleep! 2) I hope Jeremiah is better. 3) Asher would make an adorable Joker :o)


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