Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Eliana's Teddy Bear Picnic

Eliana has turned into quite the party planner.  She had this idea a few months ago to plan a party for the littles in our homeschool group.  In our group most of the activities are planned for elementary ages.  If you happen to be the little brother of sister you often get left out.  Eliana has fallen in love with Pinterest.  We haven't let her open her own account yet, but she does have several boards on my account. 

She did an amazing job!   I didn't help with anything!  She planned, created and led everything her self.  I see a future preschool teacher in the making!    Here is one of the many things I love about homeschooling.  We can gear everything we do with what are children are passionate about.  Eliana is dying to be old enough to babysit.  At 10 years old that is really not an option yet.   So we created an event - where she can still work with kids but is supervised by adults.  She had so much a fun and the preschoolers did to.  She is already talking about what she wants to plan next.  Here are a few pictures of her party!

Bread Bear
Teddy guarding his honey comb!
Reading Corduroy!

Eliana with her little bears!

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