Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Review: The Tutor's Daughter

This books starts in England in 1812.  It jumps ahead a 5 years and that is were the story begins.  We find Emma and her father, shortly after her mothers death.  Emma's aunt lives next door and runs a girls boarding school, while her father ran a boys school.  This year finds her father with no students, and no way to support his family.  Through some correspondence with an old students family, Emma is able to secure a tutor position for her father.  They are to spend a year working for the Weston family.  There arrival is not welcomed.  It is not long before strange things begin to happen.  The twins that Emma's father are tutoring believe a ghost lives in the house.  Emma is sure it is one of the boys, but not sure which one.  She confides in a girl, Lizzie, who also lives in the house.  The plot only gets more complicated as Lizzie enters the picture.  One of the Heston boys begins to share his faith with Emma.  I found this part interesting because he had stopped attending the Church of England, and was attending a dissenters church.  It goes along really well with what we are reading about William Carey in school.   Each chapter begins with quotes from books written during this period of history.   You spend most of the second half trying to figure out who is trying to harm Emma.  Then you are trying to figure out the many love triangles that are taking place.  The book always kept me guessing.  There were several things that I never expected.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishing

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