Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Review: Pocket Your Dollars

This is the first financial book I have read in a while.  I have pretty much given up finding any new information in them.  They all say the same thing just in a different way.  I can honestly say this book is different.  She doesn't just give you a road map of how to pocket your dollars.  She really gets to the heart of the issue, and how you view money.  She spends the first half of  the book talking about the 5 attitudes that must go.  What I enjoyed the most about this section is her personal stories.  She doesn't just give you list and expect you to change.  She tells you stories from her own life and how she use to be.  It was encouraging to hear that she understood why we have the attitudes we do.  That changing them was not as easy as writing out a budget.   In the second part of the book, she discusses the skills to change our attitudes.  She talks about how change is hard and it takes work.  The last section of the book is standard - financial help guide- budget, paying off debt & saving more.  Over all this was a great read.  If you have struggled with keeping to a budget, like I have,  it is a good book for you find out why you are spending the money and not sticking to your goals. 

This was provided to me by Bethany House Publishing

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