Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Technology Fast: What I learned

I am always amazed at how fast time flies by these days.  It sure didn't feel like an entire month had gone by.  Here are a few things I learned while taking a break and a few things I have learned now that I'm back to my normal routine.

1.   I have no self control.  This really isn't something new - have I mentioned my love of Cherry Coke.   I was surprised at how much the first week I just jumped on Facebook out of habit.  Removing the app from my phone helped lots!  Being honest, that first week I was on Facebook at least once a day.  Some times I wouldn't even realize I was doing it until my kids pointed out I wasn't suppose to be on a screen.    Week two was much easier and by week three I didn't miss it at all.

2.  My children stopped asking to play video games or on the kindle.  It was such an amazing thing.  They did miss TV and asked every couple of days how long until the month was over.  Now that we are back to normal, no one is fighting over games and Eliana is doing great at getting all of her chores done so she can do something that involves a screen. 

3.  People talk about what they see online or post on Facebook all the time.  I had several conversations over the month that I had no idea what people were talking about.  When I would ask a question, they would look at me like I was crazy.  I had to constantly remind people I wasn't online in June.   I really  think if you took some people's phones and computers away they would have nothing to talk about.

4.  My kids imaginations came back.  Most of the time my 4 play pretty good together.  They like to play pretend but a lot of time I just hear them reenacting the latest thing they have seen in a movie.  It drives me CRAZY! As the month went on they started making up their own stories.  They would tell me about what they were playing.  I would ask them where they heard that story they would then let me know who came up with what part of the story line.  

5.  I swapped TV for books.  I had these grand plans of accomplishing a lot in the evenings when I normally watch TV.  Well, that didn't happen, instead of watching TV I just read a book.  I did read 8 books last month, rather easily!

6.  I forgot my passwords.  When I went to log into several things besides my email - I couldn't remember the passwords.  I now understand why everyone says you should write them down. 

There were lots of little things that I noticed over the month.  There are a few things I learned that I will share in an entire post.  Overall the month went by fast.  I learned I can live without social media but it makes it really hard to communicate with my friends!

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