Wednesday, July 2, 2014

30 days of Facebook status updates

I didn't miss a lot of things while on my technology fast.  I did miss being able to share my life with everyone on Facebook.  For some crazy reason - I really enjoy that part of Facebook.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a glance at what has happened this past month.  I went back through my journal and came up with 30 Facebook status updates.

June 1:  I really thought giving up technology would give me more time.  It sure didn't feel like I had extra time today.

June 2:  Bat in the house

June 3:  Freezer cooking - I now  have 18 meals in the freezer

June 4:  I got real mail!  I couldn't be happier!

June 5:  Family fun goal: 42 pounds of strawberries picked

June 6:  It is not everyday you get to air out a parachute with your grandmother.

June 7:  Eliana had a sleepover with her cousins

June 8:  Listened to my dad and daughter quiz each other about comic book characters.  My dad even let my kids look at his old comic books.

June 9:  Scraped bubble gum off of Asher's neck.  I have no idea how it go there.

June 10:  Great play date with old friends

June 11:  Enjoyed a lovely playdoh meal created by my 4 children

June 12:  Only my kids would say "mom we need to make a schedule"

June 13:  Family fun goal - Drive in time

June 14:  I'm to old to stay up past midnight - feeling my age today

June 15:  Happy Father's Day & Happy 80th Birthday to Papa Stewart

June 16:  Eliana's 1st day of girl scout camp

June 17:  Sprinkler fun with friends

June 18:  It is to hot to accomplish anything today!

June 19:  Sick baby boy:(

June 20:  Monical's and Uncle Kevin - couldn't be a better way to end our day

June 21:  Goodbye's always bring tears

June 22:  USA - USA - USA

June 23:  We took a special trip to Wendy's to get Frosty's.  We had 4 really upset kids when  the drive thru lady said they were out of Frosty's. 

June 24:  Conversation with Eliana after dance class tonight, " I really don't like all the stretching or the bar work or how I always have to point my toes."  I'm thinking ballet may not be her thing.

June 25:  Bubbles, bubbles & more bubbles!

June 26:  I think it is the boys daily goal is to see who can make mom go crazy first.

June 27:  Zoo animals, play date with friends and benefit for The Hacker family!  Busy - Blessed Day!

June 28:  Ribs & Fireworks - thanks to my bubby

June 29:  Asher is officially potty trained.  It's an end of era at the Stewart house.

June 30:  My husband thinks I should stop talking about myself like I'm a comic book hero.  I think he has forgotten who he is married to!

There is a small peak into my month.  I will be sharing lots more about our month unplugged.  I would love to hear what your past month has looked like. 

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