Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014: What I learned

#10 - I am not Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Being without power for 24 hours with negative temperatures outside is no fun.

#9 - My kids are afraid of the dark.  You have no idea how dark it is in the country when nothing is on.

#8 - The kids could care less that the house was cold.  We  had kerosene heaters going but the warmest it got was 45degrees.  They ran around and played like normal.  I spent the day on the couch under two quilts.

#7 - I am from a family of worriers.   Before the storm hit I had calls from my mom, my dad & my grandmother  just to make sure I was prepared for the storm.

#6 - The kids were ok without electronics.  The 3 year old had the hardest time.  We just couldn't explain to him why the TV wouldn't work.
Eliana built this snowman a few days before the storm.  He is drifted in!

#5 -  I have the world's best brother.  One text message to ask for help with shoveling us out (after the propane company said they wouldn't deliver if the drive and path to tank were not clear) and him and my dad show up ready to shovel.

#4 - Really I have the best family in the world.  Trevor's brothers delivered kerosene when we were about to run out and my dad helped Trev get the boiler back up and running after  the power came back on.

#3 - I can read 2 books in a day, when I do nothing else.

#2 -  Being snowed in isn't so bad when you have heat and electricity.

#1 - 
This guy is my hero!   He kept the kerosene heaters going, slept in a bed with all three boys, defrosted the pipes that froze,  shoveled the drifts so we could get out of the house , got the boiler  working again and called the crazy propane company a dozen times to make sure they were going to get here and fill our tank.  Just a few ways he shows me he loves me! 

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