Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Little Activist!

Eliana wrote a letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago.  Today it got published.  She is thrilled.  Here is the link to the article:   Eliana's Letter

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  1. What a cute article! Thank you so much Eliana for writing this and publishing this. It was said very nicely and written very clear. I sure hope people understand how important it is not to litter. It is something that is a huge problem here in Nepal, the country that we live in right now, and also many other counties similar to Nepal. People open a package and throw it on the ground. It affects the streets, the water, the animals, cleanliness all around, and also people's living conditions. But, since everyone litters around here, no one steps up to teach people that it is not okay. Our company spent 2 hours before work one day cleaning up a very small stretch of road in front of the office and it took 30 people a little over 2 hours to clean the trash up and out. I wish people would realize the impact of their actions and would choose not to throw their trash wherever they want to. Just a small gesture would make a big difference. Thank you for being a voice and willing to say something about it in a nice way.


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