Sunday, September 8, 2013

School Goals 2013/2014


Learn to read a map
Basic multiplication & division
2 book reports a month from master list
Continue Greek with dad
Have a tea party with mom 2 times a month
Write a blog post once a month
Be able to write a 3 paragraph paper by the end of the school year
Master skip counting all numbers
Master fractions
Name all great rivers and oceans


Continue speech weekly
Master all phonic sounds
Read level 1 books
Recognize and write - phone number, address & birthday
Count and recognize numbers 1-100
Simple addition and subtraction
Write first, middle and last name


Master letters and phonic sounds
Count to 100
Write first, middle & last name
Learn to tie shoes
Read bob books
Know phone number, address and birthday
Learn how to jump rope


Learn colors and shapes
Recognize numbers 1-10
Master potty training
Learn birth date and birth year


Master daily chores
Pray daily for missionary families
Memorize 1 scripture a week

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