Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do you speak homeschoolese?

Every discipleship class I have ever taken says to remember to speak English not church talk to new believers.  When you have grown up in the church you forget we have our own language.  Just think about Jesus conversation with Nicodemus about being born again, even he didn't get what the Lord was saying.  Read  John 3 if you are unfamiliar with the story.

This is how I feel about homeschooling.  It has its own language.   I remembering sitting at my first homeschooling convention listening to someone talk about Charlotte Mason.  Everything she said about Miss Mason sounded amazing.  I started looking through my schedule to see when I could hear her speak.  Right now my homeschool friends are laughing.  Charlotte Mason has been dead for about 90 years.  I'm so glad I didn't ask anyone about where she was speaking next.  Since then I have done some research and understand Charolette Mason is a teaching style.

There are lots of other words that homeschoolers throw around;  eclectic, classical, unschooling, and traditional, and those are just  teaching styles.  Just wait until we start talking about curriculum!    I try to remember this every year as school starts.  When new homeschoolers  are jumping on board  I need to speak their language.    I try to explain  the things I know and then let them know it is OK to not speak the "homeschoolese"  that I once didn't understand either, but every year I'm becoming more fluent!

If you  are interested in Charlotte Mason here is a great web site that I love:

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