Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Fun List 2013

Summer hair cuts means it is time for us to make our fun list. 

There are not a lot of changes from last year.  We did decide to add  spending individual time with each of the kids.  We let them pick what they wanted to do with each of us.  Here is our list - What does your family have planned?

Family Time:

Go Camping
Pick Strawberries
Swim in Miss Laura's pond
Go Fishing
Go on a Gator Ride with Papa Bob
Pick Blueberries
Go to the Zoo
Visit Holiday World
Go to the Pool
Go on an Adventure with Dad
Have a Cookout with Smores
See a Movie at a Drive -In
Go Swimming at Lake Shelbyville
Pick Rasberries

Individual Time: 

Eliana & Mom - Go Shopping 
Eliana & Dad - Go Rollerskating
Josiah & Mom - Go out for a coke
Josiah & Dad -  Work on a project in the yard
Jeremiah & Mom - Go out to eat
Jeremiah & Dad - Go see a movie and get popcorn & soda


  1. I really love this idea a lot! (I may have to "borrow it" lol! I was working on my summer to do list today and I LOVE that reading this on your blog reminded me to make fun times with the kids too. What a great idea! Family time to do list!

  2. I am once again honored to be named (if only in relation to a body of water) on the summer list!!!! The water is VERY high this year and extra chilly. Come on over!


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