Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I spent yesterday reading the Lisa Whelcel book, Friendship for Grown Ups.    I had picked this book because I am struggling with friendships in my homeschooling group. Not  in a bad way; our group has grown by leaps and bounds this year.  Because of that I have met several new people, and at times it can be overwhelming for me.  When I joined the group it was really for activities for the kids.   You know I didn't want my children to be those unsocialized homeschoolers.
The thought never occurred to me that I would make friends too.  I know in hindsight is sounds pretty silly. Meeting so many new people at once has been a little hard for me to navigate. I have never been good at shallow friendships.  My best friend from childhood has been known to tell people, "When you become Bethany’s friend you are stuck with her for life.   I struggle with letting people in too close – which means lots of heart ache some times.  When 4 of my friends moved out of state last year it was hard.  


For me that was the best part of the book.  She explained how not all  of your friends will be your best friends and that is ok.  I have always heard the phrase friend for a reason, a season, or life.  In these pictures you can see some of my closest friends over the years. 
The older I get the more I am learning that some women have never had a real friend.  I feel sad for them.  My life is so much better because I have had the joy of sharing parts of it with each of these women.   That  makes me realize I have taken my friends for granted over the years.  God has blessed me with always being surrounded by amazing women.  While reading the book it made me miss a lot of these friends.  Life is always changing and people are moving in and out of my life.  They will always be my friends and thanks to facebook we can still keep in touch!  So to the women in these pictures thanks for  sharing the laughs, the tears, and the roller coaster we call life with me!  My life has been blessed because of you!   Sorry about the age of some of these pictures.


  1. I can't see the pictures. :(

  2. Thanks for including me in these pictures. It made me cry. I miss meeting up with you and talking for hours. Maybe we can find time to meet this summer. I am always up for girl time or just meeting at the park and allowing the children to play

    1. Oh - how I miss those college years with no responsibility! I would have not survived it without you! Would love to catch up - send me an email when your free!

  3. I have never heard that quote before, "friends for a reason, a season, or life." That is really cool and very true.
    I love your wedding pic! I have not seen that, I love all the pretty pastel dresses and matching pastels in the flowers!
    I am very glad to have met you! You are great person and I am thankful for your friendship. Your comment above about joining for the kids really resonates with me too. I wanted the kids to find new friends, I never expected I would met such wonderful people too!! Truly a blessing from God!

    1. My mom made ever dress in the wedding picture. See what I mean about her being an amazing seamstress. I am so glad God lead you to our group. So thankful to call you my friend:)

  4. I felt like you wrote this post while reading my mind. So much of it described me. The exception is, I'm one of those women you mentioned that has never really had a real friend. I'm one that struggles with letting people in and as a result I think I miss out on some true friendships. It's hard to come out of my shell (contrary to what others think about me) but I'm working on it. Anyway, now that I'm done feeling bad about myself (lol) I am very grateful for your friendship and invitations to hang out with your family. It's meant a lot to me and made me feel more included and liked than you realize :-)


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