Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Morning Bertha

Today is day 2 of the Rise Early challenge.  My goal is to get up at 6 am.  Yesterday it was closer to 6:30.  Today was 6:10.  So I am not there yet, but hopefully tomorrow.  Today's challenge was to name your alarm clock.   He said to stop looking at it as an annoying thing, but as a friend.  So we are to name it and say good morning ______________ each day.  I find this weird, but am committed to the project.  So today my clocks name is Bertha.  That is the first name I thought of.  I don't really think I would be friends with a Bertha.  So if you have a better name for my clock let me know.   Even though Asher got up only minutes after me today, I still accomplished a lot by 9 am.  I chose to stop at 9 because that is normally when we start school.  So before class started I got the following done.

Read the challenge in the book
Did my devotions
Read 2 chapters in the current book I am reading
2 loads of laundry washed and one dry, the other in the dryer
Washed all the dishes from yesterday
Made breakfast
Cleaned up the breakfast mess
Folded 3 loads of laundry and put it away
Checked my email and responsed to messages
Picked up the living room

I was amazed as I typed this at all I got done.  I may not like mornings but seeing this list makes me really want to continue this new habit!

If you would like to join in on the challenge you can find the link at Money Saving Mom


  1. Way to go friend! I may have to join you when my meds kick in !

  2. I am lucky kian sleeps until about 10 everyday. I send the kids off to school and it is amazing what all I can get done in 2 hours! I don't know about getting up at 6:00 though!


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