Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Morning: Strange Family Tradition

I grew up in a family that has lots of traditions, especially around the holidays.  I don't think it has so much to do with making memories as my family doesn't like change.  So once we start doing something we just keep doing it.   I think that is how this tradition started.  I have spent every Christmas morning at my grandparent's house.  When I was little we would get up, some years while it was still dark, open our gifts at home and hurry to grandma's house.  We would open presents there then eat breakfast.   As we got older, the grand-kids convinced grandma to slowly push the time back and we now eat breakfast first.   But it  is still rather early - this year we had to be there at 9am.   Since our kids like to sleep we have to wake them up to open presents at home, before going to grandma's.  The first few years Trevor and I were married, we had to go to my parents before going to grandma's.  Once we had Eliana we stopped doing that.  

Once we arrive at Grandma's the traditions continue.  She makes every roll or coffee cake imaginable.  

Then we have multiple breakfast casseroles.

Then there is fruit frap.  I have no idea how it got it's name.  It seems to be my grandma's favorite punch recipe and she only makes it Christmas morning.  

This is the first year my grandma didn't have sleigh gifts.  She has always bought small gifts that go in the sleigh.  We were only allowed to touch those gifts as children.  As we got older she started using codes, instead of names.  When she started doing that it was always fun to try and figure out what your code name was.   They were also only for the kids.  She continued that tradition with the great-grand-kids. 

The last tradition at grandmas was the yearly picture.  I think we all hated it growing up, but now I'm glad we have the pictures of our childhood. 

From the size of Justin I am guessing this is Christmas circa 1985
As each year passes, I know that it could always be our last Christmas at Grandmas.  I am so happy that I have all the memories that her and my grandpa created through our family traditions!

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  1. Your Grandmother is a special lady! Thanks for sharing these traditions with us.


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