Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals

Goal setting is still pretty new to usBethany is a natural list maker but we have never really set goals together.  Last year was the first time we wrote things down that we wanted to accomplish.  We didn't complete everything on the list. But over all we were happy with what got accomplished.  

Here are the new goals for 2013!

Bethany's List: 
1.  New recipe each month
2.  12 DIY projects 
3.  Read 48 books       
Hope to have that list posted by the end of the week
4.  6 organization projects
5.  Establish a good morning routine for myself

Trevor's List:

1. One blog post a week
2. Memorize Scripture. One verse a week.
3. Improve prayer discipline by setting aside at least 15 minutes morning and evening.
4. Conquer my NFL addiction by limiting myself to 1 game a week.
5. Finish my home improvement projects from last year. I think there are only five that have been started and remain unfinished.

1.  Read one book together each month
2.  Only watch one hour of TV together each week
3.  Have one family over each month for dinner
4.  Find somewhere we can volunteer as a family and volunteer once a month
5.  Date night once a month
6.  Continue family devotions each night

Here is the link to our homeschooling Goals

What goals have you set for the new year?  We would love to hear what new things you are going to try!

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