Friday, September 7, 2012

2012-2013 Goals

The first year we home schooled I reached the end of the year, and realized I had no way of knowing how Eliana was doing.  Since we are an eclectic homeschooling family, I didn't have a book that needed to be finished.  Since Illinois has no set standards for homeschoolers, I had no list to check off.  For this list maker it was a little unnerving.  So the second year we set school goals.  That way at the end of the year I can look back and make sure we have covered everything on our list.  The beauty of this is - it is our list.  No one tells me what to put on it.  Trevor and I decide what we want our children to learn and when.  So for all of those of you that always ask what are we doing; here are our school goals for the year!

Eliana’s School Goals 2012/2013

  1. Finish 2nd grade Horizons the phonics/ reading program we started in Kindergarten
  2. Master adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers
  3. Basic multiplication and division
  4. Master fractions, telling time & all money amounts
  5. Write one book report a week
  6. Begin typing program – create some efficiency in using a keyboard
  7. Memorize one scripture a week
  8. Master daily routines of brushing her hair, bathing, getting dressed in appropriate attire and brushing her teeth.
  9. Master skip counting by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
  10. Continue to learn Greek with dad
  11. Write one blog post a week

Josiah’s School Goals 2012/2013

  1. Know all letters & phonetic sounds
  2. Be able to count to 30
  3. Recognize numbers 1-30
  4. Write first, middle and last name
  5. Know our phone number, address
  6. Read simple Bob books
  7. Work on daily routines
  8. Master making his bed
  9. Improve speech skills with weekly speech class
  10. Memorize 1 verse a week
Jeremiah’s School Goals 2012/2013

  1. Know all letters
  2. Be able to count to 30
  3. Learn to hold a pencil correctly
  4. Write first name
  5. Know phone number and address
  6. Work on daily routines
  7. Recognize number 1-30
  8. Learn basic colors
  9. Practice making eye contact when talking to people
  10. Memorize one verse a week
Asher’s Goals

  1. Start using words in sentences
  2. Get potty trained
  3. Destroy the house while everyone else is doing school
  4. Have sissy read him books every day
  5. Dress himself


  1. Great idea!!!!!

    I LOVE, LOVE Asher's goals especially destroying the house!

  2. Nice! I think Asher told Ellie how fun that #3 one is, she has learned that too fast for a 1 year old! He must have told her about the fun! Lol!

    1. He had 2 big brothers that taught him well! I included it in the list because I know that is what he is going to do each day. This way I can cross it off my list!


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