Thursday, September 13, 2012

35 meals in 8 hours!

I started with this:

And 8 hours later I had this:

Since I had been such a slacker this summer and not put one meal in the freezer, I really wanted to stock up before school started.  Having only been doing this for a year, I do not feel like I'm an expert but I definitely felt like I found my groove this time.  Things did not take me as long as before.  With eating out once a week, Sunday dinners with my parents, one rice/bean meal a week, and Meatless Mondays I shouldn't have to "cook" dinner till November.  I spent $107.14 and used a lot of our stock pile, averaging about $3 a meal.  Here is the list of what I made:

1. White Chili
2. Manicotti
3.  2 Pizza's
4. Sausage and rice casserole
5  2 batches of calzones
6. 2 French bread pizzas
7.  4 quiche
8. Italian beef
9.  Steak in mushroom sauce
10.  2 - ham and broccoli rolls
11. Asian pork
12.  Pot Roast
13.  2 - taco meat
14.  Hamburger stroganoff
15.  Easy skillet meal
16. Taco pie
17.  Tator tot casserole
18.  Meatloaf
19.  BBQ meatballs
20.  Hamburger patties
21.  Wild rice chicken
22. Jerk Chicken
23.  Mediterranean chicken
24. Chicken cordon bleu
25.  Chicken nuggets

Here are the new recipes I tried with the links:

Italian Sausage Soup with tortellini

Ham & broccoli cheddar roll

Asian Pork

Baked Penne - I used ham in this recipe instead of chicken.  I also left out the tomatoes (because of Josiah's allergy)

Here is what I learned this time.

Before you put an unbaked quiche in the freezer - make sure it is sitting level.  If not, you will end up with a frozen egg mess all over your freezer!


  1. Thanks for posting the links! Would love to know more about the way you store things - reusable containers? Disposable? Ziplock bags?

    1. I try to freeze as much in ziplock bags as possible. I lay them flat so they take up less room. I used disposable alum containers for the quiche and taco pie. I freeze a few casseroles in glass 9 x 13 pans.


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