Monday, August 6, 2012

VBS 2012

This was the first year the twins were old enough to join their sister at VBS.  Eliana and Josiah were so excited to go.  Jeremiah was apprehensive.  Monday morning started with him not wanting to go because he didn't want to be with strangers.  So we prayed he would know his teacher, we called dad and had him pray too!  Eliana was with her cousin. Josiah was with a teenage boy we have known since birth and Jeremiah was a with a complete stranger.  So I did everything parents should never do when dropping off a preschooler.  I finally got him to stay by letting him sit with Josiah.  He was still crying when I left.   That was the most eventful day of the week.  Jeremiah had a great time - he just had to be with Josiah at all times.  Eliana, as always, loved the music and dancing.  Jeremiah was the only one who could tell me what the story was each day.  The stories are acted out and the kids have a part in the story.  It gave me great insight into how Jeremiah learns.  Josiah loved games - what 4 yr. old boy doesn't love running around!   Here are a few pictures:

Josiah really go into the dancing

The boys are in the front in the striped shirts

Josiah would not stop dancing!

VBS is more fun when you get to attend with your cousins!

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