Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Fun: Visit Laura Ingalls Wilder's Home

This past week we started our family vacation with a year end field trip.  This year for school we did a unit study, The Prairie Primer.  All of our lessons were based on the Little House series.   This was the first time Eliana had read the books.  To my delight, Eliana loves the books as much as I do.   Our good friends, the Robey's, also did the unit study.  We spent the year doing activities together and looking forward to this family trip at the end of the year. 

For weeks, Eliana has been talking about seeing Pa's fiddle.  It is on display in the museum.   Eliana loved seeing the name cards that Laura shared with her friends and students.   The museum is full of pictures, family history and items that the Wilders owned.    We toured both homes that are on the farm.  Almanzo and Laura purchased 40 acres in Mansfield, MO in 1894.  They spent the rest of their lives there.  All of the little house books were written on the farm.

If you are a Little House fan - it is worth the drive to go.  For more information about Rocky Ridge Farm check out

Eliana entering the original homestead.

This is the house Almanzo built. 

The twins at the house Rose built for her parents.
The "modern" house is in the background.  Rose built it for her parents.
This spot is at the top of a hill.  It was absolutely beautiful!
Laura also did a blog post about our trip - you can see it here

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  1. That looks like an amazing road trip! It makes me want to reread the Little House books... :o) What a great experience to learn about it and then see it as a family.


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