Sunday, March 2, 2014

PE vs. Playtime

One of the first sessions I attended was labeled Isn't PE just playtime?  How adding "one more thing" can help your entire home school.

As I talked to more and more home schooling moms, what to do about PE seems to be a common problem.  It really is adding one more thing into our already full day.    Most of the time it is the thing that  just doesn't get done.  Within the first 5 minutes of the session I was convicted a lot.  With one simple statement I realized things need to change around here.  The instructor said "telling your kids to go play outside is not PE."  OUCH!  My kids play outside a lot.  We live in the country so the boys climbing trees and chasing chickens is a pretty normal thing.   We limit the amount of screen time our kids have. I have always felt like my kids are very active.  During the session he talked about how we as humans need movement training.  We think we are done developing once we walk.  This is untrue we still need to develop other skills.  So they suggested several activities to do.  They of course wrote a curriculum but we didn't purchase it.  They recommend 45 minutes a day of PE.  They said this could be broken down into 3 - fifteen minute sessions.

We have started doing this the day we got back from the convention.  The kids LOVE it!  We have not made it through more than one 15 minute session yet.  But we have started, so that is something.

I would love to know what other homeschoolers do for PE.  Do you have a curriculum you love?

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