Monday, April 2, 2012

March Goals = complete failure

I did not do so well this month on getting everything done!  I'm trying not to beat myself up about it.  Some things have been pushed to April's list and some may just fall through the cracks!

Here is what I got 1/2 way done:
I read one book on my list - you can read the review here: Bringing up Girls
I ordered the other book from Amazon mid month and still have not received it.  It is a little hard to read a book I don't have.  I have read several other books this month.  You can see everything I have read so far this year on my Pinterest Board.

My craft project for the month was mother/daughter dresses for Easter.  Eliana's dress is finished and hanging in the closet ready to surprise her next Sunday.  My dress was almost  finished when I decided to try it on.  It is huge.  I am guessing about 3-4 sizes to big.  So now I am debating what to do.  Scrap it and start all over, still not knowing what size I should make the dress, or  take what I have and make it into a skirt.  Or cut out a shirt that will match Eliana's dress.  I have a week to decide!

The DIY thing I wanted to try this month was natural shampoo & conditioner.  Since I don't like to waste money I waited until we were out of both.  I have been washing my hair with baking soda for a little over a week.  I love it!  My hair has never felt so soft.  I haven't tried the vinegar rinse yet, because I want to be able to add essential oil to it so I don't smell like vinegar.  

My clean/organizing goal for the month was to wash all the walls in the house.  I now see this was an over- achieving goal.  My grandmother has informed me she used to pull the furniture out and wash the walls twice a year.  I have no idea how she had time to do this!  I washed the walls in the boys room (the worst room by far) and the living room.  I got 1/2 of the kitchen washed.  I then realized the wall paper is coming down in June so it can stay dirty a few more weeks.  The boys smeared toothpaste all over the bathroom so of course it got washed as well. The rest of the house is still dirty.  So don't look too closely at my walls if you come over.

Here are the things that we didn't get accomplished:

Trevor and the kids are still working their way through The Hobbit.
We had no one over for dinner this month.
I didn't try a new recipe.  I had planned on making home made pita bread.
Trevor and I did not go on a date or read a new book together.

Hoping this months goals go a little better!

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  1. Just as an sounds like your own problem is that you planned too much!

    I have to admit something to you...washing all the walls in my house (even though it totally needs it) never even crossed my mind. You are way ahead of the game by even washing part.

    Bringing up Girls was a thick book - as with many parenting books, although good was not necessary a page turner and easy reading.

    Would love to have a post on the hair care products.

    Can't wait to see pics of the Easter clothes!


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