Saturday, April 28, 2012

Earth Day 2012

I wanted to ease back into a routine on Monday when we got back from the conference.  I decided rather than our normal school schedule we would do some Earth Day activities.  After lots of research, I discovered my kids don't really need to learn about Earth day.  Every idea or lesson plan I found was about things we already do.  Here are a few examples: explain recycling and have the kids sort out the different types;  make a compost bin and discuss it's benefits; and plant trees.  So here is how our Earth day went.  We took a field trip to Rural King to pick up some flowers.  Each of the kids picked one to take home and plant.  We read our It's Earth Day book by Mercer Mayer.  We had a failed experiment on green house gas.  We then planted our flowers.  Over all a pretty good day!

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