Monday, April 23, 2012

Cincinnati Homeschool Convention - Review

We were blessed again this year to attend the Midwest  Homeschool Convention.  Thanks to our wonderful parents for watching the kids so we could attend alone.  Well, not exactly alone.  This year we took our good friends Micheal & Laura along with us.   It was a fun-filled weekend with lots of laughter and a few tears.  We are hoping that through out the week we will be able to share with you some of the things we learned this weekend.  For now here is a list of the sessions we each attended:

Bethany's List

Group Leader Track by Jen Henriksen
The Princess within:  Teaching your daughter how to live like a princess from the inside out by Amber Gallagher
Isn't PE just playtime?  How adding "one more thing" can help your entire home school by Dr. Peter Minke
Combining Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, Unite Studies and a Christian Perspective by David Hazell
Exploding the supermom myth by Susan Kemmerer
How to cut your grocery bill in half by Crystal Paine
Making brothers and sisters best friends by the Mally Family
The organized homeschooler by Malia Russell
The lighter side of education: how to relax, enjoy, and laugh and still be a parent - educator by Dr. Christopher Perrin
Planning your year with unit studies by Amanda Bennett
Building the perfect reading list by Adam Andrews

We attended together:

Special Speaker:  Governor Mike Huckabee
Why Christians should read the pagan classics by Cheryl Lowe
Lies homeschooling moms believe by Todd Wilson

Trevor's List:

5 Online careers for you and your children by Rhea Perry
Father power by Todd Wilson
Creation declares the glory of God ! Incredible design in nature by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
Total program to enable anyone and everyone to become a whole brain thinker by Brain in a Bag
Why I believe in a young earth by Dr. Jay Wile
How to handle supposed Bible contradictions by Tim Chaffey
5 real life math investigations that will astound teachers and students by Ed Zaccaro
How the brain works - using God's incredible design to inspire excellence by Jessica P arnell
10 ways to rock your wife's world by Dr. Patrick Johnston
How you (or your child) can be a published author by Carol Topp

One really neat thing about the convention is, every session is recorded.  There are so many things to choose from it is not always possible to attend each session at the time it is offered.Here are the two we didn't make it to but wanted to.  We purchased the audio recording of both of these.  If you would like to borrow them let  us know.

Teaching boys & other children that would rather build forts all day by Andrew Pudewa
Teaching the classics from Seuss to Socrates by Andrew Adams

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  1. When I saw your post I was jealous. My mind is still spinning and I thought that you had wrote out all that year learned and all that you are going to implement! That was a great idea to break it down...I think I will copy you!


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