Saturday, April 1, 2017

For Real: No Meal Plan

This past week life happened.  My best friend's mom passed away on Monday.  That means that the rest of my week didn't go as planned.   One great thing about homeschooling is I get to make the plans.  Not a lot of school was accomplished this week.  We also only ate one meal that was on the plan.  Years ago this would have completely stressed me out.  Not any more!  This week my kids learned how to be flexible.  My kids learned that friendship is more important than anything else.  My kids learned you can make amazing meals from what is already in the freezer.  My kids learned that some times all people need is brownies and for you to be there!   My kids had great conversations about death.  My kids learned that family dynamics are not always happy.  That relationships are hard and take work.  Not a lot of book learning but lots of life learning happened this week.

So check back next week for my weekly meal plan.  This week we will be eating what I planned on eating last week.  If you want to see that list here it is Week 10 Meal Plan

Here is a quick question for you - Do you take your kids to funerals and visitations?  We do.  I would love to know why or why not you have them attend these types of events.  I'll share my thoughts in another post! 

Happy April!

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