Monday, March 20, 2017

For Real - Homeschool Edition

I haven't done a for real post in awhile.  I thought it would be fun to see what really happens during our school day.


We haven't done a science experiment this semester.

We only have 9 History lessons left.  I'm considering doubling up this week just so we can be done.

I hate reading chapter books out loud.  I don't do it any more.  Audio books are my best friend.

I forgot to order Asher's next phonics book when he finished the last one.  This will be week 3 of him just doing some random worksheets, because his book is still not here.   It's ordered but won't arrive until later this week.

We are currently listening to the Little House series.  Laura Ingalls Wilder is my favorite children's author.  I wasn't sure if the boys would enjoy it.  They love it!  Many days they ask to listen to just one more chapter.  Some mornings we have spent over an hour listening to Cherry Jones read the books. 

I'm planning school for next year.   I find it just as stressful as the first year!  This will be our 8th year homeschooling.  I feel like it should be a piece of cake by now.

I spent a couple days last week organizing and cleaning our school room.  I need more book shelves.

My kids have become a stereotype.   Last semester they informed me I over-scheduled them.  We took January off from all activities.  I now have to ask them before I commit us to any thing.  Their usual response is no.  It is driving their extremely social mom crazy!

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