Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cooking with Betty Crocker #1

One of my goals for the year is to cook through my 1950's Betty Crocker Cook Book.  My grandmother gave me this cookbook for Christmas when I was in high school.  One thing I share with my Grandmother is a love of cookbooks.   Now a days I feel that cookbooks are becoming a thing of the past, because of the ease of looking up a recipe online.   I thought it would be fun to spend the year trying out some new recipes from my favorite cookbook.  Here is what we have tried so far:

This was a whole meal from the book.  Pork loaf, Popovers and Broccoli au Beurre

The pork loaf was kinda bland.  No one in the family really enjoyed it.  Popovers are from the cookbook but I've been making them since I was a kid.  My brothers and I found the recipe some time during  our childhood.  My mom was always great about letting us cook.  My mom never made popovers, if we wanted them, we made them.  The Broccoli au Beurre was really good.   It will be added to our side dish list. 

The next thing we tried was wilted spinach.   I grew up with the stuff and didn't like it.  Trevor and the kids love spinach.  The kids did not like the vinegar.  I'll try wilting it next time with butter. 

The most recent thing we tried was cream of pimento soup.  Not everyone in my family would try it.  The twins and I loved it.  I'll make it again and see if I can get everyone else on board. 

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