Saturday, February 18, 2017

Best Stitch Fix Yet!

After my last fix I said I was done with stitch fix.  The last 3 fixes had been less than favorable.  A couple of weeks ago they sent me an email wanting me back.  They offered me a free fix, no $20 styling fee.  I figured what did I have to lose.  With every fix you get a styling guide and note from your stylist.  When I read my note from my stylist I was excited.  Carly mentioned that I was upset with my last few fixes.  Her note proved she had read my entire profile.  My favorites part mentioned that I was a mom and needed clothing that worked well managing children.  She also sent me petite jeans!  HALLELUJAH!    Here's what was in my box!

Dinah Open Front Cardigan by Staccato

Thor Stitch Detail Pullover by Alice Blue

Peggie Lace Yoke Henley Knit Top by Pixley

Dayna Skinny Jean by Kut from the Kloth

This is the cute bag the shoes come in

Gilah Wedge Bootie by Report Footwear

If my clothing budget would have been bigger this month I would have kept the entire package.  I did keep two things.  The pullover sweater and the cardigan.  They are both so soft!  This is the 2nd pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans they have sent me.  This pair was a little big or I would have kept them.  I still regret sending back the pair I got in one of my first fixes.  I've been checking thred up to see if I can find a used pair cheaper.  Oh - the booties!  They were amazing!  I already have a pair that color so I sent them back.  

The one question I get asked the most is about the average cost.  I have all of my settings on my profile to the lowest except jeans.  The clothes are much more expensive than Target or Old Navy (my favorite places to shop).  The thing I have noticed is that I wear my stitch fix pieces a lot.  I am definitely getting my money's worth out of them.  It is true that if you love a piece you continue to wear it. 

If you're interested in trying out stitch fix here is my LINK.  I'll get a credit if you sign up from me!   I've set the goal of losing some weight before my brother's wedding this summer.  If I hit my goal I'll be ordering another fix! 

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  1. I agree with Bethany about Stitch Fix, including the part about being unhappy with it for awhile. Now, my card from my stylist clearly indicates she has read my comments and profile. She even refers back to items I got 2 or 3 fixes ago to say I could wear this-or-that item with them. I also agree they can seem pricey, but like Bethany, I wear the heck out of these items! And I get every penny's worth of wear. Thanks for posting this, Bethany! I like your choices, by the way!! :-)


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