Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Winter Fun 2016 - Attend the Elf Party

Our friends host an Elf party each year.  The games and activities are based off the movie ELF.   Our first Elf  party I was very pregnant with the twins.  My kids think everyone goes to an Elf party. They consider it a yearly tradition.  Here are few pictures of the evening.  

This was my elf name!

Eliana won the spaghetti and syrup eating contest

The piñata is always a highlight of the evening.

Lining up by height to hit the piñata.

Coke Chugging Contest

Eating marshmallows like buddy.   A version of Chubby Bunny but you have to say cotton headed ninny muggings.

These two are just happy to be together.

This year the kids made a cookie house to take.

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