Thursday, January 14, 2016

For Real : 2016

It's been awhile since I've share a little bit about my day.  Here are a few REAL moments at the Stewart house!

This is the current state of our multi purpose room.  Do you want to take a guess of which child is responsible for cleaning this room this week?  Here's a clue - yesterday it took him 3 hours to do 4 math problems!

Every morning Asher asks me if Jojo is still on that boat.  Our friends are currently on vacation. Asher misses his best friend and I miss my best friend.  I'm also extremely jealous they are some where warm. 

Eliana listens to Taylor swift daily.  I'm instantly transported back to 16 year old me, even though I'm pretty sure Taylor wasn't even born yet when I was 16.   Her songs make me miss that boy I fell in love with all those years ago, while he is at work.

I still haven't taken down all my Christmas decorations.

We are changing writing curriculum.  Eliana was only on week 6.  She hated it.  I hated.  After reading several reviews even the author commented that it may be to difficult for most 5th graders. We are putting it away for now and may try again in the fall.

Jeremiah's phonics program and right brain training is working.  

Over Christmas break we watched Star Trek 1-5.  My kids now build warp drives with their Legos, set their nerf guns to stun and Josiah keeps trying out an Eastern European accent.  It is hilarious and makes this mama laugh.  It will make their Trekkie grandpa very happy.

So how is your week going?  Have any For Real moments to share?

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